Installation combination


Our panels have 10x the impact strength compared to natural stone panels of the same thickness.


Our panels have a high bending strength of >17.8MPa.


Our panels are completely weatherproof.


Our standard panels weigh approximately 20kg/m2, which is less than a third of the weight of natural stone of the same thickness.


Installation is incredibly quick and easy compared to natural stone. Standard panels are 1.2m x 2.4m, and all pieces arrive on site fully fabricated ready to be installed. The lightweight nature means that installation times can be 1/3 of that expected for natural stone panels.


Our panels are very versatile and can be fabricated into complex designs and shapes, as well as coming in a wide range of finishes. 


Our panels arrive on site with fixings pre attached to the rear side ready to hang onto the provided rails. Our standard fixing is a G shape system, which you can see more information on here. Other bespoke options are available though, depending on panel design.

Fully Tested

Our panels have been through a full test schedule, including:

  • Non combustibility test to EN 13501-1, A2 standard (Exova)
  • Flatwise tensile strength to ASTM C297 (BRE)
  • Freeze thaw test to BS EN 12731 (BRE)
  • Flexural strength to BS EN 12731 (BRE)
  • Pull out test to BS EN 13364 (BRE)
  • Fire spread test to BS EN 476-6 (BRE)
  • Fire propogation test to BS EN 476-7 (BRE)

Edging Details

Corner Joints
Changzhou Transport Bank
Sealed Edges

Our panels can be prefabricated to join at an external angle at almost any degree required. The joint deatil is of the highest quality, giving the appearance that it is one complete piece.

Our panels are available in an arced shape, ideal for pillars or curved surfaces for buildings. 

Our panels can be fabricated with sealed edges, ideal for internal uses such as worktops and furnishings.

Easy Installation

The lightweight nature of our panels makes them very easy to install. They can be lifted by hand and hung onto the supplied fixing rails, as the corresponding clips come prefabricated onto the back. Just watch the video below to see how simple it is.