Our brick panels are a fantastic lightweight alternative to traditional brickwork or heavier brick slip systems. 

Brick Panel

Our brick panels consist of a brick effect veneer backed by an aluminium honeycomb panel and fixing rail system. The honeycomb panel provides strength to the overall unit whilst also vastly reducing installation times compared to traditional brickwork or heavier brick slip systems. Depending on the finish our panels weigh approximately 25kg/m2 and can be supplied in panel sizes up to 3m x 1.5m, so using our panels could lead to a massive reduction in installation times and costs!

There are 2 different finish options depending on project budget, each with a vast array of brick colour/ types to suit the project needs.

Ceramic brick effect panel 

A ceramic brick effect panel is backed with our aluminum honeycomb panel and fixing system to create the full unit. This is a more affordable option for lower budget projects, however a high spec finish can still be achieved. The ceramic brick panel is produced to match our clients brick requirements with several adjustments made to each mold during the tweaking process to ensure an exact match is met.

Brick slip style panel

By placing brick slip type tiles onto our aluminium panel we can create a panel using an actual brick face. We can either match the required brick finish or procure them from a specified source leaving the client with full control over the exact finish.