Our lightweight stone honeycomb panels are a fantastic alternative to traditional stone panels, and are becoming the must use product for modern developers to save on cost, time and labour, but still acheive a beautiful aesthetic finish. 

Some of the benefits over traditional stone panels are:

  • Cost effective - using a stone veneer instead of a full stone panel saves cost on stone purchasing.
  • Lightweight - a standard sized granite honeycomb panel is aprox 21kg/sqm, around a third of the weight of a natural stone panel of the same size. 
  • The lightweight nature means less structural support is needed for the building, and installation time is expected to be around 1/3 that taken to install traditional stone panels 
  • The panels do not require mortar and can be installed in all weather conditions.

Please see our Technical Information page for more details on panel composition and performance.

The panels can come in a wide range of finishes, including any available stone, porcelain designs and even metals such as aluminium and stainless steel. Some examples of the most popular stone finishes are below.

Marble new
Granite 1
limestone new
sandstone 1
Porcelain 2
Onyx 1
Travertine 1
Quartz 1