The lightweight nature of our panels makes them perfect for use on high rise buildings by reducing the strain on the supporting structure.

1 Kensington Row, London

Completed September 2017, approximately 10,000m2 of our panels were used. Total height 61m.

Kensington High Rise

Shaanxi Telecom Management Building

Completed in 2001 with over 20,000m2 of our panels used, this was the first super high rise building to use stone composite panels in China. The total height is 160m.

Shaanxi telecom full building

Foshan Global Internatinal Plaza

Using 15,000m2 of our panel, this is China’s largest building using composite stone panels. It’s total height is 208m.

Foshan Global International Plaza full building

Shijiazhuang Bank of China

18,000m2 of our panel used over it’s 30 floors. Total height 145m.

Shijiazhuang bank of China full building

Hangzhou International Airport Plaza

5500m2 of our panel was used over the 36 floors. Total height was 150m.

Hangzhou international airport plaza full

Bank of China, Shanghai Branch

8000m2 of our panel used.

bank of china (shanghai branch) full

Changzhou Civic Centre

10,000m2 of our panel used over the 38 floors. Total height was 108m.

Changzhou Civic Centre full

Shengyang Ring, China.

20,000m2 of our panel used, total height 157m.

Shengyang ring cropped

Changzhou Newspaper Building

Total height 100m.

Changzhou newspaper building (high view)