Our lightweight stone panels don’t have to just be flat panels, complex and detailed designs can be produced to achieve an alternative finish to your project. Our panels do not have the same restrictions as natural stone, and our ability to create more complicated shapes makes it easier to achieve the architects vision, and create more interesting landscapes.  

Zhejiang Arts Centre

The art gallery in Zhejiang has a total construction area of 43,036m2 over 13 floors. In order to achieve an artistic facade in fitting with the building, our panels were cut into different sawtooth shapes, and installed to create a stunning visual effect, 

The 2 layers of stone sandwich a perforated aluminium honeycomb plate, with concealed lighting behind. At night the building lights up to create an even more beautiful finish.

Zhejiang art centre main building
Zhejiang Art Centre
Zhejiang art centre panel close up
Zhejiang art centre angled view

China Hall of Science and Technology

The China Hall of Science and Technology is a hotel and conference centre in Beijing, affiliated to the national association of Science and Technology.

Our panels were formed into ‘zig-zag’ shapes and installed on the walls and ceiling of the main lobby to crete a futuristic effect. Concealed lights behind the panels add to the interesting visual aesthetic.

China Hall of Science and Technology
China hall of science 2

Zhejiang Media Tower

The Zhejiang Media Tower is the headquarters for the local media services. The main body of the building consists of a steel lattice structure, sat on top of a base podium. 

Our panels were used on the podium structure, and needed perforated holes on the surface as shown in the images below. This was to allow for the ventilation and heat dissipation necessary for the equipment used in the building.

Zhejiang media tower top
ZMT street view
Zhejiang Media Building
Zhejiang media tower corner