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LMC Facades provide an innovative solution to exterior and interior facades through our lightweight stone honeycomb cladding panels. Our material has been used on 200+ projects globally, including Kensington and Kings Cross London. For more information about us click here.

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Stone Panels

Our lightweight stone cladding panels provide a beautiful finish to building facades. Read more here.

Aluminium Panels

Alumunium honeycomb panels provide a stylish and modern finish to building exteriors. Read more here.

Interior Panels

Achieve a beautiful interior finish without the cost or dead load weight natural stone panels. Read more here.

Benefits of stone honeycomb cladding panels

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    Easy Installation
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    Cost Effective
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    Fully Tested

Combining the appeal of a natural stone finish with the strength and performance of an underlying aluminium honeycomb structure.

Panel composition (No GRP)

Our panels are 3 times lighter than traditional stone cladding, saving on weight, cost and installation time. They are fully tested to meet all the requirements necessary of an exterior cladding panel and come in a vast range of finishes. Our panels have been used in 200+ projects globally, including a high end residential project on Kensington Row in London. See our products pages for more information.

Easy Installation

Installation is much quicker and simpler compared to traditional stone panels, see our video below to demonstrate how easy installation can be.


Our panels come in a range of finishes for different looks and uses. Click the links to find out more about each type.